Testimonials from a selection of my clients.

I loved the support of the whatsapp group during the reboot. This helped me tremendously to stay on track and I loved the recipe inspiration! It worked so well because we were all starting at the same time and were on the same ‘journey’

I wanted support with maintenance and accountability to stop me slipping back into bad habits. Along the way I picked up lots of information about nutrition, exercise and ways of addressing bad habits. I have stopped beating myself up about food and have a more relaxed attitude and this seems to lead to better choices. Anneliese is passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm and belief in people is hugely motivating

The Thursday topic sessions were brilliant. I learned so much and have made so many changes in my diet, at home and for the family. The recipe follow up to support the topic was fantastic too. Helped drive home the messages and put what we learned into action

The MB meals are delicious and nutritious and you actually feel so much better eating in this way. I also like the reset hacks that Anneliese has introduced and have some great recipes to add to my existing repertoire

The weekly group check-ins were very useful because it’s both a great space to share and also it’s really motivating to keep going. I was so encouraged by the others sharing their own struggles and successes as you don’t feel like it’s just you or that the ‘problem’ is you

We also looked at the emotional connection we have to food which I found hugely impactful. Anneliese provided tools and techniques to enable us to again choose our response or to help us to overcome unhelpful patterns of behaviour. I feel for the first time, conscious about the decisions I’m making around food. I’m able to stop, pause and assess whether the food I’m reaching for will provide whatever it is I’m looking for. I’ve also found a renewed confidence in my ability to be able to quickly find a way back to looking after myself through my diet, without blame or reprimand. This I think has been the most significant outcome of this course. I feel more aware, conscious and in control of my choices around food which in turn have lead me to feeling lighter, not just on the scales, but mentally too. I’m no longer a hostage to my cravings and as a result feel really, really good!

The Reboot worked very well for me. I felt I had enough of a grasp of the MB process and rules to step back into the programme diligently and therefore make the most of it. I really enjoyed the group; the encouragement, sharing of tough times (we’re not alone), recipes and questions.

The group structure did highlight the differences in our individual journeys, which I found really helpful to put my own journey in perspective, but also the differences in knowledge and understanding of food and food composition. It always surprises me that not everyone reads food labels!!

I liked the WhatsApp – sometimes overwhelming but that’s not unusual with WhatsApp groups.

Zoom I liked the first couple as we were getting into the programme but after that it was probably too general when we were at different stages and needed different requirements. A smaller group May be better in this regard but otherwise I’m agnostic about the group size – I liked hearing a lot of different ideas and questions.

What have I gained: My habits have been reset, I’ve regained body confidence, I can fit back into my clothes and I feel prepared to go into the Xmas – totally opposite to my usual feeling of ‘worry about it in January!’ Mostly I feel really proud of myself. It’s not an easy journey but so worthwhile and the support of the group made it just that little bit easier.

Thank you for your fabulous idea to do a reboot. It could not have come at a better time and I’ve enjoyed re-engaging with the programme and feeling healthy and more alive over the last 3 weeks. For me personally, I have felt that my sugar cravings have gone away completely and the water intake has definitely made me feel more alert and my skin is radiant.

I have recently re-engaged with the Metabolic Balance programme through a reboot group that Anneliese set-up. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Sharing recipe ideas with other members of the group, helping people overcome daily challenges with messages of support, a weekly zoom call where Anneliese shares valuable information, addresses any concerns and focuses the group on the coming week’s goals. A reboot has been the perfect way to reacquaint myself with the principles of the programme. My sugar cravings have all but disappeared, I feel alert and my skin is radiant. My jeans fit comfortably and I have lost a stone along the way. Great programme led by an exceptional professional who is both approachable and understanding; would highly recommend.

I joined Anneliese’s metabolic balance re-boot group on 11th November 2020, with the aim of following her careful instruction and guidance to achieving a healthier weight and lifestyle going forward. By 2nd December 2020 I am feeling more energised, lighter, moving more easily and enjoying my new approach to preparing and enjoying meals – which is more than a means to an end. Anneliese has been there with me, always supportive and encouraging, always suggesting new ideas for the programme and I am truly astonished to have achieved so much in so short a time. It has been an absolute pleasure, but would not have been possible at all without the obvious dedication, enthusiasm and passion which Anneliese has for her work.

Loved the Zoom calls and the WhatsApp inspiration. As well as supplement guidance. I also found the initial clear hand out very useful to refer back to.

Much deeper sleep, far fewer cravings, more energy, brighter clearer skin, more body confidence, a more mindful approach to eating, a better understanding of how I can « use my food to nourish me rather than establish an emotional plug, more confidence in my cooking, alternatives to emotional eating. Greater mental strength and a more balanced approach to food. I also feel far calmer. I feel far more in control rather than being on an emotional roller coaster with my eating. I actually not only feel physically lighter but I also feel mentally lighter.

It’s been a brilliant four weeks. I’ve so enjoyed the Sunday calls and the opportunity to share recipes and inspiration from the other women on the same journey. It’s kept me motivated and focused.

I’m definitely slimmer. Feel more in control of my eating and feel far more confident than I’ve ever felt before in my ability to be able to look after my body through nutrition. Now it will be sticking to it!

I found the whole Reboot experience hugely positive and motivating. Anneliese is the best at what she does in terms of nutrition and actually all the other links to our eating behaviours. To be in a group this time and in it together was brilliant as it can be lonely making the change when everyone close to you is carrying on as normal. The 16 day strict circuit breaker of re learning healthy habits came at just the right time for me after months of lockdown comfort eating. I am looking forward to keeping these habits and starting the longer group session in the new year. I’m terms of benefits I have better more regular sleep patterns and my jacket felt looser after shedding the extra weight. I liked the big group as there was always someone with the time to post a delicious recipe or food photo. I also enjoyed the suggestions recommendations and supportive messages.

I had lived with increasingly more frequent episodes of Gout and suffered from constipation for several years. I turned 40 in May and it motivated me to do something about it.

I met Anneliese in June and began the Metabolic Balance programme. Within 8 weeks my weight had dropped from 85 to 76Kg’s. I now no longer suffer from gout or constipation and I feel better than ever. Anneliese has helped me make simple informed changes to my diet, eating habits and lifestyle that have completely transformed my life.

BC, London

Anyone looking to engage themselves in a lot of cycling, I would wholly recommend seeing Anneliese. Last April, I decided I would start cycling the 28 miles to and from work, as well as working towards competing in a triathlon. As the end of each week neared, I continually found myself running out of energy and thinking that maybe I was too old for this level of exercise (I’m only 43..). My chiropractor recommended Anneliese, not only has Anneliese provided me with the nutritional education that now has me cycling into the weekend but she has helped me understand how our bodies respond to what we eat, drink and the supplements we take. I am looking forward to my first triathlon with no fear of running out of energy. Thank you Anneliese.
MB, Surrey

Just to let you know that further to your help I have seen great improvements and have not had any bouts of sore stomach for some time – I will book a further appointment I think just to keep on track (coffee still hard to quit) but I would like to thank you for your guidance.
JS, Berkshire

I would just like to say that Anneliese’s were the most amazingly effective consultations I have had. Her beautifully simple holistic approach has spurred me on to make those small, yet crucial, changes That one needs to make. On each occasion, I found the sessions to be highly personalized and tailor made to suit me and my busy lifestyle. Her awareness of these practical considerations impressed me too. I always left feeling both energized and educated by her deep knowledge base and attentive manner. My motivation is higher now than ever and I truly feel that positive outcomes have started to affect my life in a meaningful way.
M A-I, London

Anneliese will be sorely missed at Spirohealth. She is the most natural, up to date and personable nutritionalist we have had as part of our team. We wish her all the best in the future.
Dr Sara Brookes


Dear Anneliese, I hope this finds you well. I’m feeling really well now, my energy is much restored and the most exciting aspect is that I haven’t been ill once since I began working with you! This time last year i’d been ill three times and had more than a fortnight off work. I haven’t even had a sniffle, so thank you for your advice.
NG, London

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that mum has just received the results of her latest bone density scan – her hip and spine have both increased by more than 3%. I think this is the first time there has been an increase she was diagnosed so that’s really good news.
CR, London

What I didn’t realise I would gain doing the Reboot and then subsequently the 12 week Metabolic Maintenance 360 programme, was a complete overhaul of my attitude towards my health and wellbeing and that of my family. Beyond losing weight, in Anneliese’s topic zoom sessions each week I learned loads about sleeping better, immunity, toxins, hormones, the gut, glucose and more! Each session was followed up with a hugely informative summary and recipes to nutritionally support each topic. As a group we shared ideas on Whatsapp, exchanged recipes and most importantly supported each other’s journey. Anneliese’s knowledge is phenomenal and her passion is infectious. Thank you so much Anneliese!

I had let lockdown provide an excuse for bad habits that I had never even had beforehand and it really took its toll on my body. This made me feel worse and kept the spiral/pattern of behaviour going. I needed a reset. The MB Reboot came at just the right time and then the 12 week program was both perfectly timed and a great length of time to learn new things, build on good habits/ideas and work on expelling the bad ones. I got back to my normal rhythm and removed the bad habits I had started in lockdown

This plan doesn’t just work – it’s the only thing that works for me

I’ve tried on and off in the past to regulate and calm, and at times have beaten, my sugar cravings. However, throughout Lockdown I noticed that I was becoming incredibly dependent on highly palatable foods and I didn’t feel good at all, both mentally or physically. I also didn’t feel that I had any tools or understanding of how to break the cycle of sugar dependency and most importantly have more energy. Throughout the course Anneliese carefully and expertly guided us through and shared with us, both the physiological and nutritional impact of what we were choosing to put into our bodies, breaking down the information for us so that we could make more informed choices

Loved the zoom calls, great info and motivation. was great in terms of food ideas and sharing thoughts and motivation.

I’m noticing Better sleep, more body confidence, increased energy levels, more balance, fewer cravings, control over eating etc…

The Metabolic Balance Reboot a six-week programme was a much-needed focus for me during the second November lockdown. As was on a slippery slope throughout 2020 with the challenges Covid presented, snacking and poor eating habits had crept in, and positive routines around food were lacking. The focus the group format gave was uplifting and the feeling of unity within the group propelled a sense of team effort rather than a singular goal. Sharing recipes, encouragement and milestones with others was a real positive. I found the focus on eating at 5-hour intervals and set meals, both easy to manage and after a few days was reaping the rewards of my efforts, better digestion, increased energy, more focus, and best of all better sleep. Within a week my sweet tooth craving had stopped, and I felt full and satisfied after every meal. The six weeks programme was easily attainable as well as enjoyable and would recommend highly. Although not my main goal during the six weeks I also went down a whole dress size too.

It was so great doing it with the Whatsapp group though – it was amazingly motivating and I found it much easier than when I did it two years ago!
All best and thank you so much again for having done this – I really appreciate it.

Most importantly I would like to thank you so much for the journey you took us all on through the second Lockdown which gave me personally a lot of stability and strength through your support and the support of the group. Thank you for all your time, care and attention, I know I went a bit silent but it was so appreciated.

– The experience of the Reboot was positive, having a group of women working towards similar goals, working through the ups and downs and being inspired was really wonderful. And none of this would have been possible without Anneliese’s rigor, guidance and constant support at every step of the way. I loved how you engaged us all and were attentive to everybody’s individual needs and feelings.
– I loved the food inspirations and the general support of the group and the open forum to ask questions, discuss coping mechanisms etc.
– I enjoyed the Whatsapp group particularly for the first 7 days of the program, to settle into the program and all go into it together.
– The Reboot has made me more confident with the program.

Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for me personally!

I was delighted to be part of the Reboot Group. It came at just the right time for me:- my weight was slowly but not drastically increasing, my pre school pic-up sugar cravings were creeping back in and my sleep wasn’t great either.

I found the WhatsApp group to be both supportive and inspiring:- sharing recipes, picking each other up when we had a slight blip. I felt lucky to have Anneliese generously sharing her expert knowledge both as a group and individually.

I found the weekly zoom calls kept motivated and Anneleise shared more advice and ideas.

I have come out of this feeling healthier, I’m now cooking healthier family meals. My energy levels have increased and my sleep has improved. I also have fewer craving thanks to the plan and some bespoke tea that was prescribed for me.

Overall I would throughly recommend the reboot, for me it was a very positive experience. I will be confidently entering into 2021 feeling great.

Thank you so much for inviting me and spending your time with such a great group of women. I feel so grateful that this came into my life when it did. I’m making my own transition into such a lovely life here in Henley and this just boosts that happiness.

Anneliese it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to join the Metabolic Balance Reboot programme. It was a great opportunity to join a group of other like minded motivated individuals. The positive messages, gorgeous photos of food plates and overall support, lead and supported by you, really helped with staying on track which is especially important in the first week. Your inspirational and incredibly informative and motivating weekly zoom meetings glued the group together. The main accolade of the programme has been your supportive approach, offering positivity and guidance throughout, without negatively reprimanding any errors or hiccups. Your messages help to forge a good and sensible relationship with food. The programme works well in getting the participant to concentrate and look after themselves through a holistic approach.

As a busy Mum, life can sometimes overwhelm you with duty and your own well being can easily be neglected. In the last few years I had noticed a steady weight gain and an overall decline in health. A friend of mine had told me about Metabolic Balance so I set about finding a coach and was delighted learn Anneliese was practising in my local area. Although I was consciously in the right place seeking advice I never thought the programme would work on me because nothing ever had in the past.

Anneliese couldn’t have been more supportive in guiding me through the process, we took it one week at a time. It was manageable and transformative. I lost two stone by the end of the program. A pie in the sky goal I had set for myself, never really thinking it would happen. It did happen and more importantly the weight has stayed off and my overall attitude towards how and what I eat has changed. I have Anneliese to thank for this, she is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and discreet. So if you are ready to commit to a better you contact Anneliese and she will get you there. Good luck!

RS, London

It is now some months down the line since I last saw you and I wanted to update you on how things are, mostly so you’ll know what a good job you did and how you helped me change. I came to you with acid reflux, which I now haven’t experienced for what seems a long while. I’m 6 kilos lighter, exercising regularly and eating tomatoes!(and many other things e.g. regular oily fish and green leafy veg). Just a thank you – you’ve helped me sort things out 🙂
TO, London

I arranged to see Anneliese for some general nutritional advice. My diet was already pretty good but Anneliese gave me lots of practical suggestions and positive advice on ways to improve it. I felt completely comfortable with Anneliese and trusted that she wouldn’t ask me to make any changes I couldn’t maintain. I followed the advice given, have lots more energy and feel great!
CR, London

Anneliese’s approach is completely different to that of any nutritionist I have known (and I have known quite a few). She doesn’t impose rules, bully, cajole or frighten. She works with you – taking into account who you are, what your idiosyncracies and habits are and what your likes and dislikes are. Totally non-judgemental, pleasant, fun and unthreatening. Informative, intelligent and encouraging to boot. The result is that eating more healthily becomes a joy not a penance. I can recommend this lady to anyone with a serious interest in improving their diet.
TL, London

Prior to seeing Anneliese, I had never sought nutritional advice but I thought I would see what it was all about having suffered long term fatigue and finding no solution through my GP. I had glandular fever some years ago and had found since then that I was prone to extended bouts of exhaustion that impacted my work, my social life and my ability to exercise. I also suffered from IBS and weight fluctuation. In my ignorance, I thought that all that a nutritionist could do would be to make some changes to my diet and that I might see some slight changes; I was totally unprepared for the complete turnaround that I saw as a result of Anneliese’s treatment.

Anneliese quickly identified an adrenal problem, for which I took a test and the results substantiated Anneliese’s diagnosis. After two months of taking supplements and changing my diet, my energy levels had quite literally soared. I was no longer feeling constantly tired, was exercising and leading a normal life. The IBS also was a lot less prevalent. After years of being a slave to my energy levels, I was finally free!More recently, Anneliese has taken me through the Metabolic Balance diet, through which I lost 18lb relatively quickly and easily. No other diet I have tried has achieved these results whilst also changing my appetite and tendency to slip into bad habits.

Throughout the time I have been treated by Anneliese, she has remained incredibly professional, conscientious and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that she is always available to answer questions and it is clear that Anneliese genuinely really cares about her clients and their progress.

LD, London

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