Metabolic Balance

Thanks to its new celebrity status, Metabolic Balance is primarily known as a weight-loss programme. However, the plan is also renowned for regulating hormones, normalising blood sugar issues and reducing inflammation.

Clients will often notice an improvement even if these areas are not their primary concern. It’s common for a client’s cholesterol levels to improve during the programme as they begin eating a more Mediterranean-based diet, which is well supported by medical evidence.

I was trained in Metabolic Balance by the late founder, Dr Funfack, in 2009 and have used it in my clinic ever since. Metabolic Balance is a four stage programme that clients follow for twelve weeks, after which they incorporate some of the guidelines on an ongoing basis. In my experience it’s one of the best ways for clients to lose weight in a safe, supportive manner, without regaining it as soon as they return to ‘normal’ eating.

Each Metabolic Balance plan is unique and is based on the client’s blood test results.

Propriety software applies some 700+ algorithms to each client’s profile to determine the foods they need to eat to replenish nutrient stores and promote healing and balance within the body. Areas such as fat ratios, renal, lipids, thyroid and hormonal factors are analysed alongside the client’s eating habits, medical history and lifestyle.

I was trained in Metabolic Balance by the late founder, Dr Funfack, in 2009 and have used it in my clinic ever since.

…more recently, Anneliese has taken me through the metabolic balance diet, through which I lost 18lb relatively quickly and easily. No other diet I have tried has achieved these results whilst also changing my appetite and tendency to slip into bad habits. Throughout the time I have been treated by Anneliese, she has remained incredibly professional, conscientious and knowledgeable. I appreciate the fact that she is always available to answer questions and it is clear that Anneliese genuinely really cares about her clients and their progress.

LD, London

The programme progresses as follows:

I offer a free appointment to discuss whether Metabolic Balance is right for you.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a two day cleanse which cleans the bowel and prepares the body for sustained weight loss. On these two days you follow a largely plant-based diet and drink plenty of water.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the start of a two week ‘strict’ period where clients follow their bespoke eating programme.

Phase 3

Phase 3 lasts anything from a few weeks to several months and sees the introduction of an extended food list. The meals are based around protein, vegetables, fruit, starchy carbohydrates and the use of healthy oils.

Once this phase is under way – usually after three weeks – we experiment with treat meals and eating a wider variety of foods. Clients can struggle with returning to good eating habits after indulging. With this in mind, a particular focus of this phase is ensuring my clients are able to enjoy a meal out, a dinner party, a few drinks or their favourite takeaway without falling off of the wagon entirely.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the Maintenance Phase which is lifelong. This is where we work together to decide which of the Metabolic Balance guidelines you’ll take forward into everyday life.

I offer a free appointment to discuss whether Metabolic Balance is right for you.


The programme costs £1295 and includes:

• 6 x one hour appointments with me, these can be face-to-face or via Face Time or Skype.

• a Metabolic Balance blood test.

• your fully bespoke 12-week plan that will serve you life-long. Clients often return to Phase 2 in January to shift any seasonal pounds.

• Whatsapp support during Phase 1 and Phase 2

• email support in between appointments.

• regular monitoring of weight, fat loss, muscle mass, visceral fat, hydration levels and metabolic age via Tanita body composition computer in clinic.

Just wanted to let you know that I reached my 10 stone target this week!!! I lost 2lbs – so am dead on 10 stone! I think the Skinny Mini has helped this week – been taking it for just over a week now and felt a real difference with it. I never thought I would lose 3 stone when I first came to see you. I still can’t believe I have really done it!!! Will try for the extra half stone now and see how I get on with that, as I still want to lose more weight from my legs and arms before I am finished!!
Thanks for all your help – couldn’t have done it without you!

HR, London

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